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Minutes of BCNE Meeting 11th May 2015

 Enquiries on these minutes are to be addressed to Aidan McDermott in the first instance and we will be happy to clarify or provide further information. July's minutes will be approved at the next board meeting on 24th August.  

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Minutes for Board Meeting Monday 11/05/15

County Hall, Durham, DH1

Start Time 19:00     End Time 20.45


                                                                                                                                                                                                                       North East Division

                                                                                                            Secretary: Aidan MacDermott

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Tony Hodgson – Chairman Tony Fawcett Mhairi Kotch   X  
Aidan MacDermott – Secretary Ruth Castle Alan Caig  
Lorna Gilroy- Treasurer Mike Hodgson    
Peter Riddell – BC Recreation Manager Keith Atkinson    
Phil Jack – BC RCA   X Peter Harrison   X    
Andy Cosgrove – BC REO Ian Murray    



  1. Apologies for Absence: Phil Jack. Peter Harrison.
  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting proposed by Lorna Gilroy and seconded Ian Murray.

Unanimously approved.

  1. Chairs report given by Tony Hodgson, as distributed.

BCNE Chair's Report 070515.docx

  1. Finance Report given by Lorna Gilroy.

LG handed out the latest account.

2014 accounts – levies were received from Manchester and comparing with records, the shortfall in 2013 levies were because they had not been paid at all (nationally or regionally). 23 races not paid and with RCA help £3785 were unpaid of which £848 were regional. These are all now paid.

2015 – very little activity, just registration fees and RCA fee.

There is a close eye being kept on 2015 levies and these are called for immediately after each race.

£8600 to be carried over from 2014 into 2015.

TH said Lorna and Phil Jack done enormous amount of work. Chris McAtee at Manchester to meet with him and Lorna & Phil Jack to look at accounts.

TH clarified that we now have income to use to help cycling.

The board gave thanks to Lorna and Phil for their work on this.

Procedures workgroup to write a protocol for organisers to assist with future payments. (Chair’s note: this will be produced after meeting with BC HQ finance representative).

  1. Lorna Bennett RDM gave her report as distributed.

RDM Report Q4. 11.5.15 .docx

  1. Peter Riddell Recreational Manager gave his report as distributed

RM Report 11.5.15.docx

  1. Workgroups Feedback 
  1. Youth & Junior Development. TF gave his report as distributed.

Y&JDW 11.5.15.docx

TF said that the Respect guidelines for riders as well as parents have been published, so that everyone should be clear about conduct.

The donation to workgroup is £1000, not £100 as stated in his report. This will be used for regional jerseys.

TF handed out Budget doc.

The board agreed to fund the WG for £2000 with £1000 being released immediately until 2014 accounts are signed off.      ACTION LG

    1. Events inc RCA/REO reports were given by from ACo as distributed.

           BCNE RCA Report 110515.docx       REO 11.05.15.doc

LB (RDM) –Prissick – press release last week and coming out this week. 18.5.15 for opening. Middlesbrough Council want to extend meeting for user group (all clubs) by the end of June 2015 and will include pricing, club time allocation, schedules, launch of a track week. The building work is on schedule. There will be a focus on women/girl sessions with their specific time slots. Watt Cycle are involved and use the facilities and they will be at the user group meeting. We need to ask clubs as to how much use they will put this facility to, so things like school groups, health requirements can all be accommodated. Pricing policy should reflect BC membership, and affordable for people to use regularly.

The board requested to circulate clubs to encourage use of the facility through web site.   ACTION : TH, LB, PR & ACo will meet to advise on the board on this.

RDM will press the council for setting a launch date.

IM asked if we were in danger of not having sufficient track coaches/commissaires ready for the start date. REO will liaise with the council and try and present them with a solution.

RDM said that kit does not always come back in the condition it goes out in and he & RCA spend a lot of time sorting this out. KA suggested asking for a deposit to ensure safe return of kit and this was generally favoured after some concern raised by members.

ACo handed out a confidential document on Sport England performance indicators for general information of the board (reserved to BC HQ).

  1. Communications

       No report submitted or given.

  1. Procedures

AC asked for any comments on the draft regional bye-laws by 1.6.15.

ACTION: AM to re-circulate the draft

  1. AOB:

TH invited board members to go out and visit two clubs by way of engaging with clubs and members, to encourage them to come to AGM and to support events and the sport generally.

There is some work to do with HQ by way of better support.

  1. Date of next meeting:   13th July 2015 at County Hall.  

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