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The 2014 Regional AGM takes place on Thursday September 11th

Come and join us in the running of the region

We need keen people to join the regional board and manage the region's affairs

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There will be no road cluster training session this week, but it will return on Wednesday 3rd September at Hetton Lyons Country Park. There will also be sessions on the 10th and 17th September at Hetton, then they will move to Prissick for the Winter period. Details of winter sessions will be published soon.

Tony Fawcett

This is the first time British Cycling has recruited for the role of Team Attaché from the BC Young Volunteers Programme, Cycling Award for Young Volunteers.

Two of our young volunteers from the region have been successful in their application for this role.

Laura Kotch (18) Stockton Wheelers

Josh Parker (18) Gosforth Road Club

Laura will be working with the team from the South West region.

Laura has been a young volunteer with Stockton Wheelers for 2 years at coaching sessions and races. This has included teaching children to ride their bike, bike handling skills and marshalling duties. She has been shortlisted for 2 awards in recognition of her work within the club, 1 from Stockton Council and 1 from Catalyst Stockton on Tees. She attended the National Young Officials Academy at
Loughborough University in December 2013.

Josh will be working with the team from the North East region.

Josh started volunteering 2 years ago when he stopped racing time trials due to injury. Josh represents the youth within Gosforth Road Club at meetings, he set up the club Facebook page and organises the sale of club kit. Josh was awarded the Young Volunteer of the Year (North East region) in 2013 and is 1 of 12 young people who sits on the National Youth Forum. Most recently Josh has been volunteering at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as a field of play member of the triathlon.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Laura and Josh to further their knowledge of working at a National event. They will have to opportunity to attend workshops prior to the games starting, which will cover a number of topics including Event Management and Volunteer Development. They will then work with their region to assist the Team Manager in all organisational aspects of the event.

We wish them both the best of luck in this venture and look forward to hearing how they have got on.

I hope that you have all been enjoying an unusually warm and pleasant Summer.  Most of us are in the middle of Summer holidays and I shall be off on mine shortly.  When I return, the BCNE annual general meeting will be upon us and I need to get my most important message to members now.

The BCNE board, in it's current form, is one year old and in that time we've done a lot of work "behind the scenes" to try to bring BCNE up to date and fit for purpose.  There is so much more we could do and this is why I'm appealing for new volunteers for our board and workgroups.  We are always in need of more support.

The board can have 12 members, plus the treasurer, secretary and chair - all of whom are elected by delegates at the AGM.  We need people who are prepared to put cycling first, rather than a more narrow interest in their bit of it.  Being a board member means signing up to meetings every two months and taking part in one of our workgroups - possiby to chair or lend technical expertise.  We actually need a blend of good administrative ability as well as cycling know-how to help the region move forward. 

Speaking from my perspective as chair, I think that we already have a board that is much more than "the sum of it's parts".  I hope that we can strengthen that position following the AGM.  We have consolidated the board with our procedures work and supported the youth and junior development group to train, select and organise regional teams across the main cycling disciplines. This year, I'm acting as coach for the road team to our inter-regional championships.  We have got two very good new BC officers in post who are getting hold of senior road racing and improving standards.  New clubs are promoting races and I am determined to see the creation of a senior road race league with the same level of popularity as cyclo-cross enjoys in the region.  We have a new outdoor velodrome to be built at Prissick in 2015 and there are now many more BC registered clubs in our part of the country.  Our longer-serving BC officers are continuing to work hard to develop clubs and recreational riding. 

However, this is not enough.  The North East is BC's smallest English region and I consider that we are punching well below our weight in comparison to other areas.  I would like to see more involvement from the membership - as well as appealing for new volunteers, we will take our first (and belated) steps to involving young people in the running of the sport; and there will be more open meetings throughout the year to enable both exchange and scrutiny.  

So, the link below is my invitation to you to get involved.  Perhaps you think you are not knowledgeable enough.  Perhaps you have been involved at an earlier time and decided to "take a break".  If you are passionate about cycling, I am confident that we will have a role for you somewhere.  All we ask is that applicants give of their time and set aside narrow interests so that the region can benefit.  Our AGM will enable you to register your interest for our workgroups (note that the youth and junior group is being refreshed, so check with your club). 

If you feel that you have something to bring to the regional board, please register your interest using the link below.  Above this article, there is general information about the AGM.  I can't promise that you will get on the board and if necessary, we will have to hold elections.  All posts are up for election, including mine.  I'm very proud to be chair at BCNE and I would like to continue.  My statement appears on the website - I hope it explains a little about why I would like to continue and why I want to encourage the membership to get involved. 


Best wishes,

Tony Hodgson

Chair - BCNE

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