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The Regional Board hold its Annual General Meeting in September. 

The AGM enables Regional officials to be elected, as well as local Propositions for the November National Council meeting to be formally constructed. Regional AGM’s also provide an opportunity for each affiliated club to comment upon local initiatives, to comment upon the local competition programme, or to ask about the latest development of Regional cycling facilities.

Details of each AGM are primarily sent to the secretaries of affiliated clubs for onward circulation within that club.  We want as many clubs as possible to attend their Regional AGM. The Regional AGM’s are open to all local members of the British Cycling Federation, though the number of votes for each club are determined by your BC membership numbers as follows: up to 9 members = 1 delegate, 10 to 24 = 2 delegates, 25-39 = 3 delegates, 40-54 = 4 delegates, 55+ = 5 delegates.