Communications Support Workgroup

Communications Support Workgoup Terms of Reference


Following significant changes to the composition of the British Cycling North East (BCNE) Regional Board following the 2013 AGM, the first board meeting recognised the need to establish a development plan.  Alongside this the board recognised the need to work differently from before, and for a number of workgroups to be established reporting to the board.

The Communications Support Workgroup is one of these workgroups and this terms of reference sets out its objectives, scope, and how it will work to achieve those objectives.


The Communications Support Workgroup has the following objectives:

  • To own, and be recognised as owners of, communication for British Cycling activities in the North East.
  • To enable effective communication between all stakeholders of British Cycling matters in the North East.To provide advice to other BCNE workgroups, and the regional board itself, on how best to communicate with their stakeholders in order to achieve their objectives.
  • To raise the profile of BCNE - the region's clubs, activities, and the regional board itself.

Whilst it is recognised that good communication will result in increased participation and membership of British Cycling, these are not objectives of the Communications Support Workgroup per se.


The target is for BCNE communication channels recommended and owned by the Communications Support Workgroup to be widely seen as the place to go for information in the North East by September 2015.

Success will be evaluated by asking people both face to face and through online methods.


The scope of the Communications Support Workgroup is as follows:

  • Find out how people want to be communicated with and what they want to know
  • Produce a regional communications strategy and guidelines
  • Determine who can publish content on behalf of the region and enable it
  • Provide training to all stakeholders who may require it in order to communicate effectively on behalf of the region
  • Provide support to content providersEncourage the production of content that is of interest to the region
  • Administer the regional website and take ownership of all North East regional communications channels

Out scope:

  • Producing content

The Communications Support Workgroup will consider all channels of communication including, but not limited to:

  • Face to Face
  • BCNE WebsiteSocial media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, others)
  • Email (both mass email and individual communications)
  • British Cycling Communications Channels (BC website, BC Club and Member Newsletters)
  • British Cycling's regional website tool

The following stakeholders are in scope:

  • BCNE Regional Board
  • BCNE's other workgroups
  • BCNE's regional officers
  • British Cycling HQ
  • BCNE's clubs
  • BCNE's team managers, coaches, commissaires etc.
  • British Cycling HQ
  • All British Cycling's North East members
  • North East cyclists in all disciplines
  • Parents of North East cyclists

The following stakeholders are out of scope:

  • Councils and other external 3rd parties


The following constraints have been identified:

  • Time available from volunteers
  • Money
  • Having knowledge within the region to achieve the objectives
  • British Cycling's social media guidelines
  • British Cycling's safeguarding policies


The following assumptions have been identified:

  • That BCNE's current position is not good enough
  • That the identified stakeholders want to be communicated with


The following risks have been identified:

  • Stakeholders that don't buy-in to what we're doing
  • Not being able to co-opt others to the workgroup as necessary to deliver the objectives
  • Being unable to find contributors to produce content
  • Poor communication of what the workgoup is trying to achieve and the benefits it will bring
  • Not easy enough to take part in communication - link between social media and website
  • Not producing good quality content


The following dependencies have been identified:

  • BCNE's other workgroups
  • Regional board support
  • British Cycling HQ for their communications channels

Governance and Accountability

  • Minutes will be taken at each Communications Support Workgroup meeting;
  • There will be a chair and a secretary at each meeting;
  • There should be not less than three members of the Communications Support Workgroup who are also members of the main BCNE Regional Board and one of these should be Chair of the Workgroup;
  • The Communications Support Workgroup will provide a report to the Board in advance of regional meetings;
  • The Communications Support Workgroup will refer to British Cycling's rules and regulations with an aim of developing best practice in the Region;
  • An Communications Support Workgroup Plan will be produced, reviewed and updated annually;
  • The Communications Support Workgroup will not hold a budget. Any requests for funding from the Region will be submitted to the Regional Board in advance of a regional meeting.
  • Decisions can be made by the Group where there is a clear and detailed evidence that change will contribute to the positive development of the Region and the aims of the workgroup;
  • Decisions will normally be agreed by consensus, but voting will be invoked as necessary;
  • The Chair will not ordinarily vote. He/she will have a casting vote.


  • Members of the Communications Support Workgroup will act in a spirit of cooperation and support to achieve the objectives of the Communications Support Workgroup;
  • Members acting in Regional roles and must act fairly and equitably in the development and decision making of the workgroup. Any conflicts of interest must be declared.