1. The procedures work group ("the group") is established under regional byelaw 8 as a workgroup of the North East Regional Board ("the board").

2. Membership shall consist of three board members, plus others co-opted to assist in meeting the purpose of the group at 4 below.

3. The regional board may terminate the appointment of any group member without notice at any time and may substitute another board member.

4. The purpose of the group will be:

Oversight, production and review of operating procedures to establish and maintain the good governance of British Cycling North East, as delegated to regional boards under British Cycling byelaw 9.4Approve operating procedures and products generated by any work group established by the boardPrepare, review and maintain the following procedures and documents:

i. accurate job descriptions for various roles in support of the board's activity, with the exception of full or part time British Cycling staff

ii. protocol for the conduct of regional board meetings for the consideration of the board

iii. protocol for the declaration of interests by board members and any other individual or organisation engaged by the board to carry out its work

iv. protocol for the management of the assets held by the regional board for the consideration of the board

v. the formal agreement and process for the appointment of the Regional Competition Administrator (RCA) and make recommendations to the board for any changes to it

vi. protocols for the conduct of key events; regional council meetings, national council mandate meetings, annual general meetings.

vii. protocol for the management of complaints and suggestions for improvements in operations

5. The group will take the lead in responding to any requirement for procedural change directed by British Cycling; except where another established work group is better placed to meet that requirement (e.g. changes to the rules of racing and consequent advice to local organisers)

6. The group will work to the timetable set by the regional board and the group may request the the board for any extension to that timetable.

7. The group will report in writing to the regional board at each board meeting and may send out between meetings any matter for consideration by the board in advance of the next meeting.

8.The group may be disbanded or suspended for any period of time by the regional board and the board may reinstate the group at any time with the original members or others.

9. The board members to this group will be appointed by the board at the meeting following the AGM.