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All Mountain Biking involves a mixture of fitness and machine control. Getting started is often simply a case of getting a basic mountain bike (a simple Cross-Country hardtail is ideal) and going out and exploring the local countryside. Downhill and 4-Cross are rough, tough, challenging disciplines, requiring nerve, fitness and great bike control and skill. Cross-County and Enduro/Marathon racing put the emphasis more on sheer physical fitness. All are compelling and rewarding.

The Bikes
Bikes are extremely light and often very technically advanced. There has been a move towards full suspension (suspension for both front and back wheels) in recent years, but for some courses and conditions a "hardtail" is still favoured by many competitors.

Who races MTB?
Cross-Country events usually have several races catering for a range of abilities and age groups and are an ideal environment in which to learn the bike handling and tactical skills necessary to succeed. Look out for Fun categories - there are also often categories for younger riders and age related categories for over-thirties.

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