Road Racing

Road Racing is massed-start cycle racing on roads or tarmac circuits. First rider over the finish line wins, with anything from twenty to almost 200 competitors, depending on the event. In the UK, events range from short Youth and Juvenile (under16) races of 40km or less, through club level events for adults of between 40km and 100km, to Elite-level one day races of 200km or more.

Who races on the Road?
Road Racing is categorised into different classifications of race, open to riders of differing age/ability categories. The majority of adult racing takes place on public roads, though there are an increasing number of circuit events, either on roads closed to other traffic or on specially constructed circuits. All under-16 racing takes place on traffic-free closed circuits. The region has a number closed road circuits Middlesbrough Cycle Circuit and Hetton County Park, hosting races for all abilities for details of the regions circuit races follow the link to calendar.


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Who organises races

Road races are generally organised by cycling clubs or teams, volunteers are the life blood of sport in the UK and cycling is no different.  Without volunteers our sport could not exist, the contribution they make to the racing calendar cannot be underestimated, over the next few months we will be featuring a number af articles which will breakdown the process of organising a road race in the region.

Locate your nearest Club

Use British Cycling's Club Finder to find out about Road clubs in the North East.