British Cycling Coach Education Bursary Update

British Cycling have updated the way its Coach Education bursary funds are distributed, giving opportunities to more clubs to apply than ever before:


Bursary Allocation:

Go-Ride Clubmark Accredited Club: 2 x Priority Funds 1 x Open Fund 1 x Clubmark Renewal (where applicable)

Go-Ride Registered Club: 2 x Priority Funds 1 x Open Fund

Youth Cycling Club (non Go-Ride): 1 x Priority Fund 1 x Open Fund

Standard Cycling Club: 1 x Any Fund


Priority Fund 1 – Young Coaches
A priority within all sports is to encourage younger club members to take on and consider a route into coaching. With that in mind, we will offer priority funding to any club members between the ages of 16-21 looking to qualify as a coach. We want clubs to show a commitment to their future and we see investing in younger member’s development as an integral part of this process.

Priority Fund 2 – Female Coaches
Again, a priority across almost all sports is the increase in the number of female coaches. It is recognised that there is an under-representation of female coaches in cycling. We feel it is important to try and encourage clubs to invest in female volunteers and coaches. By recruiting more women into coaching this will hopefully lend itself to an increase in female participation in the sport.

Open Fund
The open fund is related to all applications that do not fall within the Priority Fund. We understand that it is still vital to recognise all potential applicants, especially those who already commit a significant amount of time to the sport, so whilst there may be a limited number of bursaries available we are still keen to see applications from this group.


If your club wants to apply, please see relevant documents below for more information.

Click on the links for 1) Criteria and Guidance Notes and  2) Application form.


BC Coach Education Bursary Criteria & Guidance Notes

BC Coach Education Bursary Application Form


For any questions and completed applications, please send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.