2017 Inter Regional Road Championship Information and Selection Criteria Location:

2017 Inter Regional Road Championship

Information and Selection Criteria


The 2017 Inter Regional Road Championships are being held as part of the 2017 UK School Games.  These games are again being held at Loughborough University, Leicestershire between 31st August and 3rd September 2017.


To date the organisers have not confirmed the precise nature of events that will make up this years road championship.  Typically they incorporate a mix of events that can include team time trials, a criterium, street sprints, road races and skill based assessments.  For example, the 2016 championships had an Olympic style opening ceremony on the first evening.  On the next day there were team trials for male and female cycling teams in the morning.  The afternoon used the same circuit and the teams competed in a relay race involving skills tests.  The next day involved  street sprints within the University campus and a criterium race took place on the Cadwell Park Motor Racing Circuit on the final day of competition.  

Team and Eligibility:

Each region may submit a team of up to 4 boys and 4 girls. Where possible a non -travelling reserve will also be nominated  for both the girls and boys squad.  It is possible to send a team with less than 4 boys or girls but this may diminish the teams eligibility for overall honours.  The team will be selected from those girls and boys who have applied for the selection process.  Team selection will be made by a panel comprising the team manager, Mick Wilson and team coach, Peter Hodgson.

The event is open to boys and girls who were born between 2001 and 2004 inclusive (ie. current Youth A and B Categories).  The riders must hold a valid British Cycling Racing Licence which must show North East as their home region. 

The final team selection will be made no later than 16th July 2017.  It is hoped to communicate with individual riders regarding their successful inclusion or otherwise on this date.  Final team selection, including any non-travelling reserves must be communicated to the event organisers no later than 23rd July 2017.

Selection Criteria:

Selection will be made by the panel and will incorporate the following attributes.

  1. Attitude, commitment, behaviour and discipline.  The rider must demonstrate the ability to work with, and for the benefit of, the team as a whole.  Respect for other members of the team, other competitors and officials is important.
  2. Riders should be able to demonstrate a good level of bike handling ability together with suitable tactical awareness and positioning.
  3. The ability to ride positively and with sustained efforts will be beneficial.
  4. Results.  The panel will assess the available riders’ relative performances.  This will take account of individuals perceived strengths and weaknesses and whether they are compatible with the likely racing scenarios at the games.  With this in mind, results from earlier in the season may be taken in to account.  The panel are aware that some of the interested riders have conflicting demands and priorities that affect which events they can attend.  Therefore, the selection panel will only request attendance at The North East Youth Championships on 24th June 2017 at Hetton Lyons Country Park.  It will help, however if riders can attend some of the remaining North East Youth League events.   Attendance at other national and regional events would also aid assessment of rider abilities.

It is proposed to invite interested riders to participate in additional sessions where their team working and skills may be assessed alongside racing ability.  This will be in the run up to final selection and, where permitting, to the event itself.

The panel  will use the above criteria to select a team that demonstrates the necessary commitment and ability to best represent the North East region at the Inter Regional Road Championships.

Mick Wilson

Team Manager, North East Region

Tel: 01740 644735

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.