North East Club Coaches Group

At the North East Club Coaches meeting on 29th June, we discussed the need and willingness to share information between clubs and coaches around the North East to help develop ourselves as coaches and cycling coaching in the region.


Below is a short message from Chris & George who have set up the new social media group:


This newly formed facebook group will be a closed group and only for people involved in delivering cycle coaching in the North East. This group can be utilized to enable ongoing communication,  share information such as event dates, session plans, challenges, success stories and organizing joint activities. In fact, anything that you feel will benefit fellow coaches.

Facebook is an incredibly useful tool but can cause issues if people don't use it properly.

We have therefore set some guidelines of use:

  • All content must be relevant to cycling and coaching in the North East
  • No negative or critical posts about fellow coaches or clubs
  • No misuse of the group for personal benefit
  • Members are accepted based on them actively coaching in the North East
  • Thoughts and Ideas are welcome
  • Feel free to add other club coaches you feel will contribute


Please note, a summary of discussions and update on actions resulting from the meeting has been provided on the group.